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Wild Arabian Wows Church Social
by Jan Austin

copyright 1997 The Arabian Network Newsletter
The crowd held their collective breaths as The Bay was unloaded from the trailer. With black mane flowing and nostrils flaring, the magnificent steed looked as if he had just been captured from the wild. He eyed the crowd suspiciously and pawed impatiently as he pranced. Three people nervously kept him in check as he tugged on the now fraying lead rope. Only the bravest of the throng could hope to mount such a marvelous beast! And that would be: three-year-old Hannah, dressed in a stylish ensemble of hot pink leggings, print top and matching Stetson, she approaches casually yet confidently, and with a quick hoist from the voluntary helper (Dad), she is up. She sinks into the saddle and with a firm grip on the horn, she is off on her first ride on an Arabian!

the "wild" Arabian gelding
For you see, no wild steed he, but just one of many examples of the wonderful temperament of the Arabian horse. Beaufier has been pressed into service as one of the fun attractions at Geneva Presbyterian Church Playground Dedication in Laguna Hills, California. Situated between two bouncy bounces, a popcorn machine, and a multitude of helium balloons, Beau spends the next two hours faithfully giving rides to children as young as 14 months. With cameras snapping, videos rolling, and a fire engine roaring by on the major highway just 50 feet from the church, Beau enjoys every minute of the attention he gets.

After the event, parents approach and thank Beau for the ride and ask the owners questions about this beautiful and gentle animal. When told that Arabs are often characterized as wild, ditzy, unsuitable as mounts, and unpredictable, the parents shake their heads in amazement that anyone would dream such a thing.

As Beau nuzzles children and carefully eats carrot pieces from their hands, he remembers one of his favorite riders; a little girl in a blue-flowered dress, feet not even close to reaching the stirrups, singing softly as she rides, "clip clop, clip clop, hes my horse, he loves to run and play..."

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