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This is just a sample of the models currently available from Breyer.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please email me and I can order it if it is a current model. Jan

Traditional Size Models


 # 1350  Pink Ribbon Horse - Andalusian

Join the Search for the Cure The horse, long a symbol of strength and beauty, is for many people, a healing force in their lives. Breyer has always believed in the healing power of the horse and the restorative benefits of horse-related activities – mentally, spiritually and physically. And we’ve always believed that there is inherently a special bond between women and horses. That is why Breyer has chosen to create this beautiful decorative model horse to symbolize hope and to raise funds for a cure against a disease that affects women: breast cancer. Every 68 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman will lose her fight against breast cancer. In the U.S. alone, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The pink ribbon is embraced as a universal symbol in the fight against this disease and we have artfully connected that symbol with the art form we love best – the horse – to symbolize the race for the cure. If horses can help heal the human spirit, then this is a race we can win together. Breyer will donate $1 from the sale of each model to two outstanding breast cancer research organizations: Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Join us in harnessing the healing power of the horse to find a cure.

$49.99      Click Here for Stablemates Size

#1437 Appaloosa Foals

The Appaloosa is an American breed that can trace its history back to the 18th century when the Nez Perce Indians developed this breed from horses that were brought to America by Spanish explorers. Today's Appaloosas have a stock horse build, excel in Western events, and are also popular trail and recreational riding horses. Their flashy coat comes in many base colors and coat patterns.

This set includes two halters and a birth certificate!


#1459 Animal Rescue - Benefit for ASPCA

This happy trio of four-legged friends embodies the mission of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): to protect animals from suffering and harm. Their mission is to speak up for their real-life counterparts, who have no voice and rely on ASPCA, and animal lovers everywhere, for help. By bringing these three buddies home, you can help ASPCA find dogs, cats and horses their forever homes, too.Breyer will donate $2.50 from each sale of this product to benefit programs within the ASPCA.






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