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2008 Holiday Items Available from The Arabian Network Newsletter



2008 Noelle Holiday Horse

12th in the Series

When the stars rise in the midnight sky on Christmas Eve, Noelle is sent to spread peace to every town and city.  A blanket embroidered in gold with snowflake tassels protects her from the winter's cold, and a single white feather trims her mane.  As she strides into the silent night, only the faint sound of her hooves sifting through the snow can be heard.  A dove lands on her shoulder carrying the message that she has been asked to deliver -- Peace on Earth 2008.  Noelle is the twelfth horse in Breyer's holiday series.




Deck the Halls Holiday Snow Globe

6th in a collectible series

It's time to deck the halls, and Breyer® hopes that this year, you will make this Yuletide treasure a part of your family tradition.  The sixth edition in a collectible series, this musical snow globe plays the classic holiday carol "Deck the Halls".




Noelle Stirrup Ornament

10th in a collectible series

This exquisitely detailed replica of Breyer's 2008 holiday horse, Noelle, is framed in a traditional silver stirrup.  Adorn your tree with this year's stirrup ornament and bring peace to your holiday gatherings.





My First Pony Glass Globe Ornament

6th in a collectible series

Rarely has a Christmas gone by that a little girl doesn't wish with every last wish that she will find a pony waiting for her under the tree.  Breyer has captured the magical moment when that wish comes trued with the hand-painted artist's resin encased in a crystal clear glass globe.



Clydesdale Beautiful Breeds Ornament

6th in a collectible series

The Clydesdale is a heavy draft horse that was originally bred in Scotland for farming and coal mining.  Today, this gentle giant is a popular show and parade horse.  Breyer's Clydesdale ornament is cast in the bisque porcelain and hand-painted as a bay with red and green ribbons in its mane and tail.



Peppermint Twist Carousel Ornament

9th in a collectible series

Add Peppermint Twist to your carousel ornament collection this year.  Decked in boughs of holly, silver bells and candy cane boots, this beautiful porcelain bay unicorn is ready to celebrate the holiday season and ring in the New Year.



Baby's First Christmas Ornament

3rd in a collectible series

The holiday season is a time to rejoice, reminisce and plan for the future, especially when you are sharing it with your new bundle of joy.  Remember your baby's first Christmas with Breyer's Baby's First Christmas porcelain ornament of a snow-white Pegasus delivering the most precious gift to an expecting family.




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