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2005 Holiday Items Available from The Arabian Network Newsletter


Santa's Little Helpers
Musical Snow Globe!

Third in the Series

Hey, wait up!  An exuberant foal prances away in glee as a young elf gives chase with one more gift for the saddlebag.  Around they go!  Movement and music add to this precious scene.  Created in artist's resin, each piece is airbrushed and painted by hand.  No batteries required!


700515 -Starlight Plush Holiday Pony      


Buckskin Starlight is getting ready for the holidays!  She places a shining gold star atop a trimmed tree, and even wears special gold horse shoes to match! $5.95


700415 - Belle Plush Holiday Pony    


Palomino Belle is getting ready for Santa to come!  She holds her bright red "2005" embroidered stocking with hopes that it will soon be brimming with treats!  She even has gold horse shoes on for the holiday. $5.95


700405 - Hats Off to the Holidays
Glass Globe Ornament

Third in a series

Santa Claus is full of Christmas cheer as he and his proud Icelandic pony, adorned with jingle bells and holly, make their rounds before the big night! Hanging from a green ribbon, this timeless scene is captured in a quality miniature sculpture inside a glass globe, and decorated with a golden tassel.


700705 - Jasper's Hijinks
Frisky Pony Ornament

Second of a series

You can't pull the wool over Santa's eyes! Once again poor Santa is upstaged by his cheeky pony. This year it's the charming palomino Jasper. Second of a series of whimsical hand-painted resin ornaments sculpted by Jane Lunger.


Stablemates Ornament Craft Kit
Decorate your own ornaments!

Have a party! Create holiday ornaments that will be cherished for years to come. Complete with everything needed to decorate three Stablemates in a variety of festive ways. Decals, paints, glitter and more can all be applied to make each a holiday masterpiece! Comes with a colorful 12-page instruction booklet!

$14.95 REDUCED

Unicorn Fillies
Filly Ornament Set

These precious unicorn fillies add a special magic to your holiday as they prance among the branches of your tree or wreath! Painted in rich jewel tones of sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby red with an ethereal dusting of metallic gold stars, moons, and planets.


700695 - Mistletoe
Plush Vintage Rocking Horse

Celebrate the season with a classic that brings out the child in all of us! This adorable vintage rocking horse is the perfect holiday accent for any room. Features a soft plush body, mohair mane and tail, and holiday-inspired tack.

$29.95 Qualifies for FREE Shipping

PBR Ornaments


Little Yellow Jacket






Clayton's Pet



Blueberry Wine



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